Environmental Policy
MAERLIN LIMITED is committed to sound environmental practices by all who are associated with and involved in its operations. This will include all employees, contractors, visitors, suppliers, third parties, the international environment and local community of its location.

MAERLIN LIMITED commitment will be in conformity and compliance with all applicable national and international laws and regulations. Our goal is to achieve minimum impact wherever possible to ensure avoidance of negative effects or impacts on the local and international environment and ecology, its employees, third parties and visitors and also on the surrounding host communities as a result of its business decisions and objectives.

The environmental protection policy is to develop and implement an environmental management system as part of its integration of our core systems for the protection of lives and property and will be aligned to ISO 14000 series.

The company will conduct risk assessments for the environmental aspects of its business and develop procedures to address the system and reduce impacts on the environment. The company will also monitor through inspections and audits to ascertain level of impacts and enable proper control measures to be implemented.

All employees and other stakeholders in our operations will be empowered and encouraged to drive this policy to control and minimize the impact on the environment by ensuring that all works carried out in the business process is established to environmental standards and procedures. It is the duty of everyone to work in an environmentally friendly manner and corporate with all line supervisory and company initiatives to negate the impacts and effects at all work sites and places of our operations.

We will ensure that our operations comply to the best environmental practices possible and nobody will be forced to work or operate in any unsafe or environmentally unsafe conditions.
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