Local Content Policy
Nigerian Content Policy


Our Nigerian local content policy aims to optimise the participation of indigenous staff, manufacturers and service providers in the oil and gas sector by creating sustainable employment and economic development opportunities for Nigerians. We utilize the maximum number of goods, services and manpower sourced locally for all our operational needs and requirements. As an indigenous company, we are committed to provide appropriate training and development programs to equip Nigerians with the requisite skills and competencies required to support our operations and meet our policy objectives.


Maerlin Limited shall be committed to the following:


  • Act as responsive and responsible corporate citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Encourage and support the transfer of skill and technology and provide appropriate training for our employees to increase the competency levels of all those involved in our operations.
  • Promote purchasing policies that give preferential status to local manufactured products and services.
  • Increase local value added content and contribute to the development of the national economy and all stakeholders involved with our organization.


Click here to download our Nigerian Local Content Policy


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