Cementing Solutions

Cementing Solutions

ISO 14998 V0 C-FLEX Multi Stage Cementing

The Cflex® cementing system improved annular seal integrity and overcomes the shortcomings of previous stage cementing technology.


Controlled, secure and selective access to casing annulus.
Multistage cementing.
Annulus cleanout.


Improved annulus integrity and zonal isolation .
Security and confidence in gas tight sealing capability and mechanical integrity.
Easy installation and single-trip operation of multiple Cflex® devices.
Precise and conclusive operation for open, close and lock; no risk of accidental lock – Improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.
Versatility and flexibility for multiple applications.
Slim design minimizes ECD effects.


Sealing system qualified to ISO 14998 V0 equivalent .
High burst, collapse, torque and tensile ratings .
Full bore ID matches casing ID and slim OD .
Closing utilizing push/pull movement .
Permanent close function .
Unlimited number can be installed in liner or casing string .
Can be shifted with high differential pressure without damaging seal .
Large port flow area; 4.4 sq.in. minimum .
Inner sleeve is hard coated to reduce wear; anti-rotation system .
Suits all type of premium casing threads .
Wide range of sizes, materials available .

Multistage cementing Statistics

Fields in Nigeria

Egina, Akpo

Estimated No of Deployments

Delivered 2 CFLEX

Well Intervention

Stronghold Barricade 1-Trip System – PERFORATE WASH AND CEMENT

System Overview - The Stronghold® Barricade® System is a perforate, wash and cement placement system that reduces plug and abandonment (P&A) costs by creating a rock-to-rock barrier in one trip

With the addition of the one-trip Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) module, the Barricade® System is designed to wash and clean the annulus of a perforated casing or liner in a selected formation zone or between casings, then accurately place a permanent barrier

After the annular cleaning phase, high circulation rates and pipe rotation enhance debris removal from the washed annulus and out of the well

A one-trip operation with the Barricade® System consists of:

Perforating the section (at which point the guns drop automatically)
Thoroughly washing the perforated annular section
Placing spacer fluid in the annulus using our calculated pump-and-pull method
Placing the barrier material (typically cement) using the same technique


Archer’s ‘Closed-Loop’ system with dual swab cups means that the Standpipe pressure provides real time performance indicator. .
Flow bypass system – no swab or surge .
TCP disconnect system available .
Stronghold Cement Base foundation – True 1-Trip System .
Optimized hydraulics to increase operational efficiency and performance for cleaning the annular space .

Strong Hold Barricade Statistics

Fields in Nigeria


Estimated No of Deployments

4 runs