The SwivelMASTER

Allows the upper string to be rotated without rotation or torque being applied to the completion string below it.

This ability to rotate the upper work-string provides a dramatic reduction in axial drag above the swivel.

The tool comes with heavy duty compression and tension bearings, and it is run in hole in the swivel mode.

A hydraulic clutch allows the tool to be permanently locked once the activation pressure has been exceeded. Activation pressure defined by the number of shear pins installed in the tool.

Innovative drag reducing technology extending the reach of completions deployment capability globally.

SwivelMASTER Statistics

Fields in Nigeria

Egina, Akpo, Usan, Amenam

Estimated No of Deployments

More than 15 runs


Ranger Liner Hanger Systems ISO V0 & V3

Liner hanger system – available in Hydraulic and mechanical set
Low-profile design for improved bypass area
Suitable for drilling-in and reaming liners
High hanging load and tensile capabilities .
Integral bearing provides ability to rotate while cementing.
Dovetail “pocketed” slip-and-cone design for superior hanging and overall load performance.
Anti-preset feature in slip retainer ring prevents slips from premature activation during running.
Premium thread as standard.
Integral anti back-off feature for tieback sleeve.
Allows for tieback extensions of nearly any length, with 10 feet and 20 feet as standard.
Integral hold-down slip system.
Enhanced extrudable element provides higher sealing capability for damaged or non-concentric casing