Seismic and Perforation Services

Seismic and Perforation Services

Maerlin Limited is licensed to provide Explosive shaped charges for perforation work and can provide seismic explosives, detonators and accessories via a sister company that accounts for 85% of the Nigerian market with the largest private explosives storage magazines in Nigeria, situated in Koko, Delta State.


Ergodyn 37SE is designed on the basis of very strong nitro-glycerine explosive and is intended to be used as independent charge for geological works. ”.

ELECTRIC DETONATORS (0,2 A, 0,45 A) with higher initiation power (ERGODET WZI) can be used to initiate emulsion explosives loaded mechanically into blasting holes in non-coal and non-methane mines Various Sizes from 6m – 50m wire length can be provided. .

Seismic and Perforation Services Statistics

Fields in Nigeria

OML13, OPL2006, OPL2005, Emeyal II, Abua

Estimated No of Deployments

50+ deployment – Date