Drilling Services

Drilling Services

Rentals and Service of Drilling Jars

Cougar Hydro Mechanical Double Acting Drilling Jars
NightHalk Hydro Mechanical Double Acting Drilling Jars
Available Drilling Jar Sizes: 4 ¾”, 6 ½” and 8”
Servicing of all sizes of Drilling Jars


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Drilling Services

DSI-PBL Bypass Systems

Booster Bypass Tool

This innovation is the most powerful option for splitting the flow during drilling, completion and workover operations.

PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System

This tool offers a simple, cost-effective technical solution to common drilling problems, such as lost circulation and limited circulation rates. It reduces number of trips and limit non-productive time when circulating.

PBL Multiple Activation Jetting Tool

Specialised solution for various cleanout operations. The design features an outer spiral sleeve containing up to 30 nozzles, allowing high velocity jetting operations to be carried out without string rotation.

PBL Sliding Sleeve Big Bore System

Developed for drilling operations where the retrievability of LWD radioactive sources in the BHA below the SSBB tool is required. Requires no ball catcher cage allowing unlimited number of circles.

DSI-PBL Bypass Systems Statistics

Fields in Nigeria

Estimated No of Deployments

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