Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe we can only grow and sustain the value of our business by what we give back to our host communities. We passionately believe that CSR embodies our values, ardent commitment and social pact with all our stakeholders.

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our history. Our passion is driven by the developmental challenges in our communities and we commit to ensure we meet the social, environmental and economic expectations of the community we operate in.

In the past, the oil and gas sector in Nigeria had been perceived to be associated with negative environmental and social impacts, including oil spills, gas flaring, and human rights violations.

Therefore, we ensure that our CSR projects are targeted towards the needs of the society and are sustainable. Our footprints in Corporate Social Responsibilities are guided strategically by our decisions to operate on four major pillars, which we believe are essential building blocks for the development of communities and prerequisite for economic growth.

These four pillars are:
- Health
- Education
- Community Development
- Environment


We are deeply concerned about the health of the people in the communities we carryout our business activities. To this end, MAERLIN Limited have committed resources to the health needs of the immediate people in our communities by providing financial resources. MAERLIN Limited has continue to support the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Endocrinology department as well catering to Health needs in Delta State.


MAERLIN Limited recognizes the importance of educating the people in our community and we have achieved this through series of programmes that have been impactful and beneficial to their wellbeing, day-to-day activities and social interaction.

MAERLIN Limited supports programmes for children at primary and secondary schools, in and outside of the classroom, through:
- Education Support
- Infrastructure development
- Sport Education

Our approach is guided by:
- Ensuring that pupils and students have the basic learning tools and kits to aid learning.
- Ensuring pupils and students do not stop school by creating a conducive environment.
- Introducing children to power of artistic expression through sports.

MAERLIN Limited have supported school initiatives in our area of operations.

Community Development

We aim to encourage social and economic opportunities through our community investment activities, ie, our community development projects.

We sincerely believe in the positive impact and development of the human resources and infrastructures of the community we carry out our operations. Maerlin Limited is able to focus our efforts on:

- Human capital development
- Infrastructure development, upgrade and repair.

Our host community in Koko has benefitted from the MAERLIN Limited EMPLOYMENT. Where we ensure to employ the youths in our community, train them and equip them with the right tools to carryout their job. We have in our employ over 20 staffs from our local community.

In March 2023, we were able to enroll and trained 3 persons, two males and a females from our host communities in General HSE and HSE Level 3 competency.

At our host community in KoKo, in July 2022, we were able to rehabilitate a link road and construct an erosion barrier to stop the flood erosion cutting across the road.


We at MAERLIN Limited take steps to safe guard our environment by ensuring the sustainable use of our resources. We also take measures to protect and restore the natural environment through internal and external projects and campaigns. Maerlin Limited has an environmental policy and waste management programmes which has been incorporated into its operations.

We conduct our operations with energy efficiency in mind to protect the environment and conserve resources. We achieve this through:

- Efficient diesel consumption-we ensure we source quality diesel for our activities to limit the amount of emissions that will be released into the atmosphere

- Energy saving lights-we have ensured all vapor sodium light bulbs have been replaced with energy saving bulbs which has proven to consume less energy and last longer, thus ensuring a safer environment.

- Car/vehicle pooling system and journey management-we encourage personnel to travel together for official purpose for meetings if the meeting cannot be conducted on-line.